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Samana, Dominican Republic Island of Hispañola

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  1. At Samana Island Hostel, rooms are shared only with persons accompanying those reserving those accommodations.

    In other words, unlike European hostels, no other hostel guests are accepted for rooms that are ont actually part of the group of persons reserving those specific dates.

  2. Samana Island Hostel provides guests with amenities not ordinarily provided by other hostels.  Basic hostel rooms at Samana Island Hostel are offered with limited amenities.  Larger hostel rooms are offered with additional amenities.  In additions to this, a hostel apartment is offered.




Six beautiful beaches are less than 20 minutes away by “concho” or public transportation:  Playa Escondido, the nearest, 5 minutes;  Playa Anadel, 10 minutes;  Playa Las Fletchas, 15 minutes;  Playa Gran Bahía, 15 minutes; Playa Chinguela, 15 minutes;  Playa Los Cacaos, 20 minutes. Las Galeras Beach:   Is a beautiful scenic 30-minute ride, by public transportation, along the coast to the eastern end of the Peninsula.


Barcardi Island:  This breathtakingly beautiful island, often referred to as “Bacardi Island” has several beautiful beaches.  The hostel is only a few minutes walk from where the boats leave each morning for this tiny one-mile square island.  Along the way, one can enjoy a gorgeous view of the entire  peninsula from afar in the Great Bay during the 15-minute excursion. The sand on Bacardi Island is as white and fine as flour.  The water is clear and blue, purple, green, and aqua; and for those who would prefere the shade, beautiful coconut palms line the beaches. The island has several very quiet and secluded beaches and a beauty that is not soon forgotten!


Playa Rincon:  Said to be one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world is Playa Rincon, a beautiful one-hour scenic ride to the northeastern coast of the Peninisula!  Private chauffeuring by brothers is available for this day trip, which is approximately two hours travel time round-trip.  For more information & slide showing, visit:


Samana Island Hostel is not a hotel, nor is it a guest house, but a pleasant cheerful & inexpensive place to stay for persons on a tight budget, and who do not mind self-catering.  It is hosted by Jehovah's witnesses.  Brothers on vacation desiring economical accommodations and the quiet relaxing atmosphere that a small hostel has to offer, come to Samana Island Hostel from all around the world.  Additionally, the Dominican Branch very often recommends the hostel to fellow witnesses.


Samana Island Hostel is walking distance from nice family restaurants where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served, and it is only a 5-minute ride or 15 minute walk to the Kingdom Hall.  Hostel rooms range from very basic with only a small fridge, WiFi, hot water & Private bath, to rooms equipped with two queen sized beds, small computer, cable TV, DVD Player, small refrigerator, and use of a communal kitchen early mornings and late afternoons.














Updated May 2016