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Samana, Dominican Republic Island of Hispañola

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"Most comfy stay"

Chris and Naomi Dickson

Yorkton Saskatchewan Canada

Jan 2015


First of all Marilyn is a kind loving sister that as soon as we met her, her smiling face greeted us! We stayed in the hostel which was small but had lots of beds and was very clean and very comfortable. This place was the best sleep we had while we were in the DR. It was on the second story and very quiet and close to downtown.

Marilyn arranged that we were looked after by a local so that we could see some sites. Thanks so much and it was definitely a great part of our time in the DR.

Marilyn is a  truly  beautiful sister and are thankful for her loving care. We had a chance to meet some from the sign language group at coffee time and that was nice. 

 We are back home now in Canada and can't wait to come back and see everyone again. May Jehovah continue to bless you and until we meet again...
Your friends Chris and Naomi and Cassandra and Mekhi





"Fun Stay"

Parker and Kaili Jones

Jan 2015

We had never stayed in a "hostel" before, but this was a great stay. It was a good price, and the accommodations were clean and all that we needed, with each room having a mini fridge and its own bathroom. Marilyn was very helpful in many ways, and described everything in detail so it was easy to find the location, and easy to figure out other stuff. She recommended some places to eat and things to do. We were 8 people in these 2 rooms (2 of us being children) but we managed to have a great time. And we were able to meet many other witnesses. We for sure would recommend this place to others, and we would stay here again if ever in the area. Thanks!




"Fantastic little B&B"

Danny Mousseau

Dec 2014

Marilyn was an exceptional hostess who made us feel extremely welcome and comfortable. This was an enjoyable little hostel that really felt like home. Marilyn was extremely helpful with booking excursions as she has contacts for just about everything. Look forward to staying again when we come down next time. Thank you for everything.

"Loved the house and love Marilyn. Excellent place for JW's"




"Loved the house and love Marilyn. Excellent place for JW's"

Brian and Pam Brackeen

Dec 2014

Loved staying with Marilyn, she is an awesome host! The house is comfortable and spacious, you never have to look for a quiet place. Marilyn is a hard worker and keeps the place modern and clean. Nilda is an awesome cook and we are so glad to have stayed with her. We are going back soon and often. Thanks Marilyn!! 



"Great Time"

Andrea Roque

Oct 2014

We had a great time in Samana. Marilyn was a wonderful hostess and very knowledgeable about the area. Her place is centrally located in town and has easy access to public transportation. If you want to enjoy Samana and have an experienced guide help you with your vacation plans, Marilyn is a great choice.


Morris & Cindy Steiner
5-Day Economy - Jan. 28- Feb. 1, 2012

Dear Marilyn,

We are back safe and sound. You are a great hostess!



We will especially not forget the very enjoyable evening at your house for supper with your zealous and spiritually-minded friends.

We loved the beaches in Samaná

And the interest in the field!  Thanks for the privilege of spending time with you. You were very encouraging to us, & you sure can make me giggle!

Your friends in the faith,

Cindy and Morris

Madison, Wisconsin in Spanish Field

"A Happy Place with Happy People!"
8-Day Semi Inclusive

June 21th - 28th, 2010




"When you go to the Tropical Island Bed & Breakfast, you go to a happy place and you are surrounded by happy people, Marilyn, our happy hostess & Rodolfo, our happy chauffeur and Nilda, our happy housekeeper and...



 Happy Times !


 Everyone makes  sure that your vacation is all that it can possibly be! We did it all and had an unforgettable time!  We think that it was a real bargain!" 

Francina Mitchell & Taylor, Vonda, Tamika
Philadelphia, Pennyslvania

Rested & Happy!
from Antiqua

November 15-23, 2009 


Dear sister Marilyn,


his note is just to say thank you and that we are very happy to have stayed at your home for the past week. We were able to rest, which was our main reason to visit Samana.  We visited El Limon, it was marvelous! 



Morena treated us very very good.  Breakfast was good and  she was always there waiting on us.  Xiomara loves your dogs, especially Sammy.  !Cuidado que ella no se lo roba!


With warm christian love
Xiomara y Austin  [Jarvis]

"My goal is to learn Spanish, attend MTS and live in a Spanish speaking country!"
3-Day Economy = Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2009



Marilyn, I cannot believe how much effort and preparation you put into these travel arrangements!  The Friends are not going to believe my story ..!  I feel like from the time I step off the plane till I’m back at the Airport, everything has been arranged for me. 


Echo de menos la comida. Estaba realmente contento con todo!   Gracias de nuevo!


Sincere regards,
Tim Gayles

7-Day Economy - "Second Honeymoon!" 
January 16-22, 2008

Dear Marilyn:


We just wanted to thank you so much for your hospitality and all the kindness that you showed us during our recent visit. It was a wonderful experience seeing the Dominican Republic for the first time!   We also deeply appreciate all the different arrangements you made for us that made our trip so very enjoyable.


We had a great day at Playa Rincon Beach!




And horseback riding to El Limon waterfall!



We also had a great time with Molly-Ann & Rodolfo visiting the little mountain
village of Jarabacoa & only wish we could have spent even more time!


May Jehovah continue to bless you.

Warm Christian Love


Dave & Judy McGann

Burlington Massachusetts Congregation 

  11 Day Basic - May 19 - May 29, 2007

Hello Mariyn!


How are you? I can't believe that it was only a week ago we had just arrived from DR. I certainly miss the Dominican need greater life we enjoyed while we were there. Samana will always have a very special place in my heart. 


The Samana brotherly association  has been a great source of encouragement, which I am sharing with my local congregation I hope I am making the friends in my congregation jealous enough to make them want to experience the need greater life and maybe become permanent need greaters


Mornings   The Joys of Preaching Noontime: Stopping to eat  together at
at a little straw roofed cabaña.
Afternoons: Back out in service!

It has been such a great upbuilding experience, that I feel bad for those that have not experienced the joys that we had while in Samana.


solated bookstudy group: Local friends & 
studies  & Needgreaters from Peru, France
USA, Korea
Recreating: Swimming & eating fish on the beach! Evenings fun with other needgreaters!

Also please send our warm greetings to Nilda and thank her again for being such a great housekeeper and for the extra special breakfasts she made for us


With much love,                                   Eleanor Kim - Long Island Korean Congregation (New York, USA)

                                                             Estella Kang - Natick Korean Congregation ( Massachusetts, USA)  
Maria, Estella, & Eleanor                      Maria Lee - Bayside Korean Congregation (New York, USA) 

  12-Day Semi-Inclusive - February 12-20, 2007

Hola Marilyn!




And it's always a joy to meet and form friendships with more of our brothers and sisters.  Your wonderful upbeat attitude and focused zeal for the truth is a memorable example for us. I know Leah is encouraged to pursue her use of Spanish in a local congregation. I don't know if we'll ever be in a position to come back in this system, but it was the refreshing and spiritual vacation we had hoped for!  THANK YOU!


With Christian love,


Jo Schmidt

East Port Angeles - Washington Congregation

Leah Schmidt

South of Seattle - Pacific Congregation


30-Day Super-Stay Economy -  The Klaus Family from Oklahoma USA

Hi Marilyn,

We had such a great time! ...I have never slept better. The people we met in service were humble & made you feel welcome in their home...Of course the friends were marvelous....Since I am a  pioneer &  Sarah auxillary pioneered, this of course at the top of our list of priorities.Working in town was a unique experience...also going to "el campo" & we had a wonderful experience starting our time early on the Promenade each morning...caught workers and fisherman before they left...

After a week of service it was wonderful to be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches & ride a horse on the beach...! .Luis was so helpful with presentations & so helpful with my husband as he had to be in a wheel chair quite a bit...I could write a book on what a spiritual, warm, & wonderful time we had. So much so that we want to eventually make a permanent move. I have always wanted to serve where the need was great in another country, so this is a dream come true for me. 

And Marilyn, your place was the perfect stepping stone to doing so. Modern enough so we didn't go into culture shock on our first visit. Large enough so there was plenty of room for the friends to visit, which made us feel close to the congregation & really bridged the gap for Sarah, who has just turned 17. I would recomend your place to anyone that wants to visit, or get their feet wet, its a great place to start. And Nilda, your housekeeper & sister, was just wonderful. She is a very sweet, hard worker and helpful. 

Steve, Holly, & Sarah Klaus
Oklahoma, USA
August 29-Sept.30, 2006


5-Day Basic

Aug. 18-22, 2006

Dear Marilyn,


We had such an enjoyable time in the Dominican Republic, Samana specifically. Scenery … fascinating--the town, palm-covered countryside, and...the beaches! What an incredible sight greeted my eyes when we set foot on pristine beaches Soft sand, gentle breezes, toasty sun, and glistening water.  I

How pleasant to accompany--and get acquainted with brothers and sisters.  I learned from them and find my desire is heightened to reach the heart of people to whom I witness regardless of culture or initial response. .  As Our Kindom Ministry asserts, people do appreciate being addressed in their language by non-native speakers…  Too, what a privilege to work shoulder to shoulder with hard-working, honest-hearted need-greaters. The local friends looked after us in true Christian manner.  They conducted us to some of our daytime destinations as well as simply hanging out together.  ... Association with them expanded the scope of our experience; ...


 A good amount of time was spent enjoying relaxation or association right at our one and only Tropical Island B & B! Very comfortable and accomodating to our needs. The internet access was useful--gotta love sharing the fresh experience with good friends in our home congregations. And the breakfasts! Mmm-mm. Nilda was stupendous; our desayuno was the favourite meal of the day! ... 

So thank you, Marilyn, for your hospitable personality and nice atmosphere and accomodating efforts! I felt such relief when I first was enlighted as to your services. Your informative and happy website answered all the big questions I had about getting to a congregation, participating in the ministry. ... We are so glad we were able to make arrangements with you. 


    Erin Cady & Leah Colins & Lorea


Hi, Marilyn!

On behalf of Vel, Melanie, and myself, we would like to extend a warm, heartfelt THANK YOU for the wonderful vacation in Samana, Dominican Republic!  We thoroughly enjoyed the trip!  It was mentally, physically, and spiritually refreshing.  I couldn't have gone with a better group of people.

I knew it would turn out to be a nice vacation when I saw your web site, and when you were so patient and informative when we corresponded with you.  I have even forwarded and mentioned the TIBB to other friends here in Cincinnati.  You all at TIBB are just marvelous!  Rudolfo, Nilda, and the other friends were just so kind and patient - and we truly mean that.  I must say for myself, that this was the best vacation I've been on.  There wasn't a dull moment.  We had so many fun experiences.  The only regrets I have is that we didn't stay long enough.

Even though the Dominican Republic is a relatively poor country, it's the people who make being there enjoyable.  The friends are just so happy, especially the ones serving as needgreaters.  Thank you once again!

Dimitra Simmons
Vel Mitchell & Melanie Sinkfield
5-Day Economy - March 21-25, 2006

30-Day Economy Super Stay

Dear Marilyn:

I just wanted to say how much I loved spending a month pioneering down there in the Dominican Republic!  I wish I could have stayed even much longer!  I really enjoyed myself!

The three sisters I came with had a great time as well.  Nilda, your housekeeper and sister, was wonderful!  We couldn't have done it without her!  I never thanked you for letting us stay at your bed & breakfast.  I'm sorry it's taken 5 months for that.  Take care, and thank you, thank you, thank you!  I hope I can come back some day. 

Almond Wright (age: 17)
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
November 1-30, 2005

AFTER GRADUATION--A PARADISE VACATION - Family Group of 12 - 9-Day All Inclusive

"We really enjoyed our stay.... I loved everything the company, the food, the brothers, the outings! It was all wonderful! Although very different from what we are used to on vacation, this is what I wanted: an experience--an adventure--to be able to see the "REAL" Dominican Republic.  Molly Ann and Rodolfo and Nilda were awesome!  They were always very gracious and tried to make us as happy as possible!

"My husband and I are considering making a move to the DR, and this trip confirmed what we had hoped to find, a beautiful island, wonderful humble locals, and an opportunity to dedicate ourselves to the ministry full time and to our family."

Nicole Ferrer & Family
Deltona, Florida, USA

October 21-29, 2005


"Our trip to Dominican Republic was wonderful...but meeting you and the other friends was the highlight of our trip.  How privileged we are to be a part of such a loving world wide brotherhood."

Bill  & Sue Suprenand & Group 
Port Washington WI
(on Lake MIchigan - north of Milwaukee)

February 2004

Dear Molly-Ann y Rodolfo:

Muchas Gracias for a wonderful time in Jarabacoa.  We loved the bed & breakfast, the delicious food Molly so lovingly prepared every day, the friends, the territory, and the good example your family sets in the congregation.  We were convinced in the short time that we were there that we want to come back on a long-time basis.  We came as friends and left you folks as a family.  We couldn't have asked for anything better.  The bed & breakfast made the trip enjoyable and pleasant.  We'll keep you posted on our plans.

Warm brotherly love,

Ed & Barb Moss
Miami, FL
May 14-22, 2004


I enjoyed myself immensely on this vacation "in a corner of paradise!"

Christian Galimberti
Seregno, Italia
August 3-11, 2004


Everything was beautiful!  The house! The breakfast! The sand, the sea, and the sun!  Some advice for everyone:  DON'T MISS VISITING THIS ISLAND!


Egidio (YiYi) Fucci & Jose Guissani,
Christian Galimberti Monza & Seregno, Italia
August 3-11, 2004

Dear Friends at Bethel Coach Tours:

Just to add to Steve's note:

Our trip to the Dominican Republic was one of the best we've ever taken!  It was like going on a cruse, except we were on land.  What I mean is everything was included, from meeting us at the airport to a comfortable Bed & Breakfast in a great location along with complete housekeeping services (even our clothes were washed), all of our meals (whether in house or at other locations), and all of our activities.

Marilyn was a fantastic hostess, and was extremely flexible about making changes to our itinerary.  Rodolfo and Molly-Ann did a great job helping us get to all our activities.  The variety of activities included were perfect!  We enjoyed the countryside.  Samana is not "touristy" so we really had an opportunity to see how the people live.  Every evening after the day's activities, Steve and I were able to take a romantic stroll by the water just a couple of blocks from the Bed & Breakfast.  It was quite a wonderful vacation.

Just a brief experience:  I met a couple at one of the resorts where we spent a day.  They were from California, and had been in Samana for 3 weeks.  They said it was very expensive to get to the resort from the airport, and they literally hadn't left the resort since they got there because they had trouble communicating with the staff and figuring out what there was to do outside the hotel, the various costs involved, or even how to rent a moped.  Of course, we didn't have to worry about any of those things!  They were so surprised to learn of all the many things we were doing and places we had been!  What could I say?  Everything was included in our trip, even though we stayed at a bed and breakfast!

Thank you for offering us this great opportunity!  We will definitely be returning again!

Carla Joell
Atlanta, GA, USA


My dearest Marilyn, 

Thank you very very much for your excellent hospitality and beautiful bed & breakfast.  Your bright smile & great conversation were very enchanting. Just what I needed!

I love all the yellow especially in the kitchen and the sunflowers.  The breakfast was marvelous! Thank you for all the fans, TV's, towels, VCR's, clean good food, clean rooms!  I had my own room too, what a treat!  Thank you for all your help with arranging us to go to Playa Rincon.  Thank you for use of the computer and...everything!


Jessica Stinchcomb
Vacaville, California

May 1-4, 2005

Dear Marilyn, 

Having just returned home from our trip to the Dominican Republic, I wanted to write and thank you for our wonderful trip!!

Sometimes anticipation of a trip can be greater than the reality.  In this case, the trip actually exceeded our expectations.  Tropical Island Bed & Breakfast is very nice and your hospitality was exceptional.  Initially, I was a little skeptical about an "all inclusive" vacation. I wasn't sure if "all inclusive" really meant "all inclusive".  Well, I have to say this trip literally was "all inclusive"...We were provided with everything we needed.  And not just that, but I could not have picked, on my own, better locations to visit and better ways to use our time, as were set up in our itinerary. 

Each day had it's own excitement, interest, and relaxation.  Thanks so much for a job well done!!  I would definitely recommend this trip to others.  In our case, having the itinerary set up and paid for in advance--for our 8-Day All Inclusive--worked very well.  I believe this was especially so being in a country where I do not know the language.  As a tourist, even when I know the language, I realize I can be prey for those local who want to take advantage of travelers.  On this trip, I could relax because the arrangements were made in advance, and you made sure we had the best of times.  Left on our own it would have been very difficult to set up the different day trips we enjoyed and I fear we would have been overcharged easily, as tourists often are. All in all this was a great trip that we will never forget and one that we hope to repeat some time in the future!

With Christian Love

Steve Joell 
Atlanta, Georgia, USA 
July 2004



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