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Meetings are held in the area of Arroyo Barril, Officina de Sindicato, Carretera Sanchez-Samana, antes del Muelle de Arroyo-Barril.


In 1990, the little town of Samana, located on the southern coast of the Peninsula of Samana on the northeastern part of the Dominican Repubilc, had only one tiny congregation (approximately 10-15 publishers, 2 special pioneers, and no elders for many years).

This tiny congregation had a huge amount of territory that covered almost all of the southern coast of the Peninsula - Las Galeras at the eastern end, to almost the end of the western part of the Peninsula the northern part extending to the small village of El Limon, not far from the northern coast of the Peninsula.

The 2010 census showed the town of Samana to have a population of 13,062 and the population of the rest of the municipal on the Peninsula to be 61, 266 and the population of the entire peninsula to be 109,295.  This was, at that time, almost the population of Samana's territory (and a portion shared by another tiny congregation in Sanchez, located just before the Peninsula).


Las Terrenas:  (Northern part of Peninsula)

Some 10-12 years ago, a new congregation was formed when the Sanchez congregation divided.  Their territory on the northern coast of the Peninsula in "Las Terrenas" now became the territory of this new congregation.  A portion of the Samana Congregation territory was given to them at that time.

At present, Las Terrenas Congregation has one Spanish congregation and one Haitian Creole congregation to take care of the northern part of the Peninsula and a large part of isolated territory in that direction originally belonging to the Samana Congregation.  In 2011, a Kingdom Hall was built in the town of Las Terrenas to accommodate these two new congregations.

However, the Samana Congregation was still left with most of the Peninsula as their territory - from the area before El Limon in the north to the town of Samana and almost the entire southern coast of the Peninsula from the eastern part at Las Galeras to the western part of the Peninsula beyond Arroyo Barril.


Samana Congregation / Phenomenal Growth!

With the blessing of Jehovah and help from the various special pioneers and many need-greaters who came to Samana over the years to serve where the need is great, the congregation began to experience phenomenal growth in the increase of new publishers and local brothers and sisters becoming pioneers!  For many years most, if not all pioneers, were need-greaters.

Whole days each week were spent by the congregation, working with the special pioneers, in the isolated territory of Las Galeras, at the eastern end of the Peninsula!


Las Galeras:  (Eastern part of Peninsula)

In 2011, the Samana Congregation divided and a new congregation was formed at the eastern end of the Peninsula in "Las Galeras."

This new congregation only has 24 publishers and has an enormous amount of territory, which includes much isolated territory and the Samana Sierras and very little transportation among the brothers to work in their "campo territory" (isolated areas in the country).

In the Las Galeras Congregation, there is a need for more pioneers, brothers to take the lead and mature persons to give this newly formed congregation stability as it is composed of many new ones.  The congregation, as of April 2013, has 24 publishers, 7 regular pioneers, 2 special pioneers, 4 need-greaters, 2 ministerial servants, and 3 elders.

The congregation meets in the Las Galeras school - El Liseo de Las Galeras (multi-uso).  The public talk and Watchtower study are held at 9:30 AM on Sunday mornings.  The Ministry School and Service Meeting are at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday evenings.  Average meeting attendance is 35-40 publishers (as of April 2013).

Samana Congregation / Flourishes and Grows even More!

With the formation of the Las Galeras Congregation, Samana Congregation concentrated its efforts even more on the outlying "campo territory" at the western part of the Peninsula - Las Pascuales/Arroyo Barril.  need-greaters, special pioneers and the now many local pioneers spent full days preaching and conducting Bible studies in this area and the congregation continued to flourish and grow!

Las Pascuales Congregation:  (Western part of Peninsula)

In 2012, the Samana Congregation divided again!  A new congregation was formed in the western part of the Peninsula in Las Pascuales/Arroyo Barril area to take care of isolated territory in those areas.

This congregation is very small and in need of more pioneers and publishers to live in the congregation territory to add to its stability.  Transportation for publishers and new ones to attend meetings and preach in outlying territory is somewhat of a problem as there is little in the way of transportation among the brothers.

The congregation as of April 2013, had the following:  24 publishers (4 unbaptized publishers), approximately 10 regular pioneers, 11 need-greaters, one ministerial servant, and 3 elders.  Average attendance at Public Talk and Watchtower Study is approximately 49.

Meetings are held in the area of Arroyo Barril, Officina de Sindicato, Carretera Sanchez-Samana, antes del Muelle de Arroyo-Barril.

Sunday:  9:30 a.m.; Thursday:  6:30 p.m.

Sign Language Group: ASL

For approximately 10 years, the Samana congregation had just one unbaptized deaf publisher who has helped on and off over the years to learn sign language and the Truth, by the many need-greaters coming to Samana that knew ASL and could study with and encourage him.

In 2011, two need-greater families knowing sign language moved to Samana to assist the Samana Congregation in searching out deaf persons in the territory.

In May of 2012, an official sign language group was formed as part of the Samana Congregation.  This little group meets in the same Kingdom Hall together with the Spanish Congregation at 7:00 a.m. Thursday evenings for the school and service meeting.  The meeting is conducted with sign language translation and videos on the right side of the Kingdom Hall.

The public talk and Watchtower study are conducted in sign language a different day, on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM.  The group has 20 publishers, 4 of which are unbaptized, 2 ministerial servants, 2 elders, and approximately 12 need-greaters that include the two families that have come to help form a sign language congregation!

A large amount of deaf persons have been found in Samana - approximately 74 to date.  Preaching with the sign language group consists principally of looking for more deaf in the territory (rather than preaching to the ones already found) as the need-greaters helping out are unable to handle more Bible studies).  The brothers have a list of deaf persons needing someone to call on them and teach them, and this list continues to grow as the brothers "explore" looking for more deaf persons.

The need for more persons to come to help out, who are strong in the truth and know sign language enough to teach the many deaf persons that have been found already, "sign language" in order for them to be able to learn the truth, since the deaf in Dominican territories do not know sign language.  Also for brothers and sisters to help translate and handle parts on the meetings in sign language.

Present Samana Spanish Congregation:  (Town of Samana)

The Samana Congregation's new Kingdom Hall was dedicated September 2012 and is located within walking distance of most places throughout the town of Samana.

Although the congregation has divided twice in just al little over a year, it continues to flourish and grow and the new large Kingdom Hall is already nearly filled!

Field service groups meet every day of the week (except Mondays) at 8:45 a.m., often having 25-45 publishers show up to preach!  Samana Congregation has approximately 115 publishers, 29 regular pioneers, 2 special pioneers, between 10-12 need-greaters [several of whom are working with the sign language group], approximately, 6 ministerial servants, and 4 elders with the Spanish and  2 elders overseeing the sign language group. 

Since there are many new ones in the Samana Congregation - either unbaptized publishers or newly baptized -- there is a great need for helping the new ones to grow strong and solid in the faith, as many mature ones have left to help out in the two newly formed congregations in Las Galeras and Las Pascuales.


Sign Language Group:  ASL


Samana Spanish
Samana Sign Language
Samana Haitian Creole Group

Las Galeras, Spanish

Arroyo Barril Spanish

Las Terrenas, Spanish
Las Terrenas, Haitian Creole
Las Terrenas Sign Language Group

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Transportation by "concho" (covered wagon pulled by a motorcycle or "gua-gua" [mini-van]) is available to visit the outlying congregations.


From Samana to Las Galeras Congregation:  approximately ½ hour

From Samana to Las Pascuales Congregation:  approximately 45 minutes

From Samana to Las Terrenas Congregation:  approximately 75 minutes (by bus)

Town Congregation is only a 5-10 minute ride from most areas in town.






PREACHING IN TOWN (Samana Congregation)


(Las Galeras Congregation territory)


Laguna Salada (Las Galeras Congregation territory)

Loma Atravesada ( in the Samana Sierras)
(Las Galeras Congregation territory)


The Dominican people are extremely polite and hospitable and since they love to talk about the Bible they are never too busy to invite you in and listen even if they are busy cooking or washing clothes. Often they will have one of their family climb up a coconut tree so you can have coconut water to drink! Or will send you home with fruits and vegetables from their gardens! Since the people have a profound respect for the Bible it is very easy to start Bible studies right then and there on the first visit. Also, because there are so many humble Bible-minded persons searching for the truth in the Dominican Republic, preaching here in the Dominican Republic  can be a very joyful experience for anyone visiting or coming to serve and learn the language.


"Words cannot express the joys of preaching in the Dominican Republic!"

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