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"Best Budget Option In the heart of the country, the mountain resort town of Jarabacoa — part of an area dubbed the Dominican Alps — is an escape for nature lovers. The ideal base to explore its peaks, waterfalls, and verdant landscape is Jarabacoa Mountain Hostel. 


"The family-run property is more of a guesthouse than a hostel. It sits on a quiet neighborhood street called Calle de los Pintores (a couple of Dominican painters are its neighbors). There are 12 tastefully decorated private rooms, set across from two olive-colored villas ($28 per person, per night). 


"Each has a queen- or king-size bed, a flat-screen TV with Netflix, a private bath with soaking tubs, and a hot-water rainforest shower. Perks include WiFi, a shared kitchen, living and dining rooms with modern furnishings, bicycles, and laundry facilities. Head one mile west for local restaurants in town, or order delivery using the free house phone. Resident local guide David Duran can take you horseback riding to the nearby Baiguate and Salto Jimenoa Dos waterfalls, or mountain climbing to the mighty Pico Duarte. - " ShermansTravel Escapes <top25@shermanstravel.com

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"This is Jarabacoa"

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Jarabacoa Hostel is a budget-oriented friendly place to crash for adventurers, self-caterers, and those seeking to work new territory in field service.




Like most hostels, we provide inexpensive simple lodgings along with shared kitchen, common area facilities, and bathroom.  Our accommodations are very basic but comfortable.  We provide both private and shared rooms and other basics:  linens and towels, hot showers, electricity 24/7, coffee, maps, orientation, and a gentle shove in the right direction to your next adventure!


We provide Internet, local phone calls, self-service laundry, self-service kitchen facilities, and we have rates starting as low as $14 per person!


Guests now enjoy open plan living and dining area with fireplace and outdoor gazebo and yard with BBQ and grill.




In addition to the above, Jarabacoa Hostel is proud to announce the completion of its new beautifully decorated modern cabin next door with nine new bedrooms, JARABACOA VILLA!


We are now able to offer accommodations for large groups, and accommodations with king-size Tempur-Pedic beds, flat-screen TVs with Netflix, large bathroom with soaking tub, rain head shower, fireplace, fully-equipped kitchen, laundry, Wi-Fi.


For more details see:  http://tropicalislandbb.com/JarabacoaVilla.htm




Email:  JarabacoaHostel@gmail.com






The Dominican Republic shares the Island of Hispañola with Haiti.  It covers two-thirds of the island, making the Dominican Republic the second largest country in the Caribbean, Cuba being the largest.  The Dominican Republic is one of the world's most geographically diverse nations for its size; climatic zones range from desert-like plains to lush tropical valleys to cool pine forests found on high mountain peaks, such as in Jarabacoa.




The little town of Jarabacoa, where the Jarabacoa Mountain Hostel is located, is a direct 2½ - 3 hour ride from Santo Domingo.  It is situated on a mountain range located in the province of La Vega.  This is an excellent place to come for horseback riding, camping, mountain climbing, hiking river rafting, and seeing the country's most beautiful waterfalls.







Although Jarabacoa is in the mountains, it is seated amongst and surrounded by even higher mountains and hills, some reaching into the clouds.  Traveling up these mountains, one has a breathtaking view of the little village below, and sky to sky hills, valleys, rivers, pine trees, and gardens.  In the "campos" or the country, one sees the "campesinos" or poor country people working in the fields harvesting yucca, rice, and "tayota."  Some gather roses, orchids and other flowers that grow in Jarabacoa's extensive gardens.  At noontime, everyone goes home for the two-hour "siesta" to rest from the morning's activities, and eat with the family.  Some return to quaint thatch roofed houses made of palm wood, others to mansions surrounded by exotic gardens.



In the old Indian language "Jarabacoa" means "Land of Many Waters."  Rushing rivers and beautiful cascades characterize Jarabacoa, and visitors enjoy a variety of sports such as swimming, rafting and canyoning.  The rivers are often speckled with women washing the family's clothing and smacking them dry against the rocks.

There are two famous sayings about Jarabacoa.  One speaks of its "eterna primavera" or eternal spring.  This explains the other one, "God lives in all parts, but He sleeps in Jarabacoa."  Jarabacoa's year-round spring-like weather is pleasantly warm in the day and can range from cool to quite chilly at night, promising a good night's sleep.  This attracts visitors not only from abroad, but from towns across the Dominican Republic.




Swimming at the Waterfalls



Mountain Climbing / Camping at the Base of Pico Duarte




Canyoning  River Rafting HorsbackRiding Cycling in Dominican Alps
















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