Budget-Oriented Accommodations

$9 - $20 US per day per person

$9 - $20 US al dia pp




Host: Jose-Miguel Berroa>
Cell:  (829) 276-2592

Reservations: For prompt  reply, please email
Jose-Miguel: LasGalerasIslandHostel@gmail.com



Coastal Beaches of Las Galeras / Playita / Rincon / Las Galeras








Rates Subject to Change

Please e-mail for confirmation of rates:


Tarifas sujetas a cambios.
Por favor envíe un correo electrónico a

para confirmar las tarifas.










Dominican Republic


(in 54 locations across the country)





1.  If deposit is made by check (pesos):  It should be made out to Jose-Miguel Berroa.

Write on back of the check: 

For Deposit only to: 

Jose-Miguel Berroa  (829) 276-2592

Efectivo para depósitar $____________RD

Nombre de Cuenta:  Jose-Miguel Berroa
Numero de Cuenta:  Cta. Nomina Corriente # 

Surcursal de Samana / Banco Popular

The bank cashier (el cajero) will verify the above information & will make out a deposit slip for you.  
Make sure you keep a copy of the deposit slip she returns to you. 


2.     If deposit is made in cash (efectivo):

Write out the following information 

& give it to the cashier:

Efectivo para depósitar $___________RD 
Nombre de Cuenta:  Jose-Miguel Berroa
Numero de Cuenta:  Cta. Nomina Corriente # 

Telephone:  (829) 276-2592
Surcursal de Samana

The cashier  will make out the deposit slip & give you a receipt. 

3.     Address if asked for:  

La Calle de La Gallera /y La Pley
Las Galeras


4.     E-mail Jose-Miguel at LasGalerasIslandHostel@gmail.com,  when deposit is made. Kindly be sure to save bank receipt.  Jose-Miguel will also send you a receipt & confirmation of your reservations.

Kindly read refund policies below before sending payment.


After reserving, Jose-Miguel will send you an invoice from PayPal with instructions on how to pay by credit card online.  It is quite simple and safe, regardless of where you live in the worlds.






Full payment is required to hold reservations, or if more than 60 days prior to arrival, $75 US deposit per person is required.












Cancellations 60 or more days prior to reservation dates:


100% refund  minus $75 US  non refundable deposit


Cancellations  31-59 days prior to reservation dates:


No cash refund. Credit slip only, minus non-refundable deposit.





Regardless of the reason (including medical)-- there can be NO exceptions to our refund policies. Please visit: http://tropicalislandbb.com/PS15-4.htm 


Because time and unforeseen circumstances befall us all, and to avoid high cancellation fees, we would strongly recommend your obtaining travel insurance so that if your vacation tour is cancelled for any of the reasons outlined in the premium, you can file a claim to the insurance company and receive a refund for both your hostel accommodations or vacation package and airline tickets.


In extreme cases such as a sudden death in the immediate family just before departure, a refund will be given within 90 DAYS.  In the case of severe medical problems, dates may be changed.