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Samana, Dominican Republic Island of Hispañola

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Tel: Eliseo (829) 921-0454

Office: (809) 538-3179


(Rincon Beach, Barcardi Island, Ziplining,

Haitises Nat’l Park, El Limon Waterfall



1.  Evenings

13.  Horseback Riding Rancho Tipico

2.  Flea Market

14.  Haitises National Park by boat

3.  Pueblo Principe Shopping Plaza

15.  La Fuente / Natural Mountain Pool

4.  Cayacoa Resort Beach Club

16.  Kite Boarding

5.  Anadel Cayeno Beach Club

17.  Scuba Diving Las Galeras

6.  Rincon Beach

18.  Scuba Diving Las Terrenas

7.  Las Terrenas / Northern Coast Peninsula

19.  Deep Sea Fishing

8.  Preaching with Congregation

20.  Zipling

9.  El Limon Waterfall Adventure

21.  Hiking Carbo Carbon

10. Las Galeras Beach / East End Peninsula

22.  Day trip:  Bethel Tour / Santo Domingo Branch

11. Bacardi Island

23.  Dining Out / Unique places to eat!

12.  Whale Excursion

24.  Touring the Peninsula on a Motorbike


Stroll along the "Malecon" of the little town or pueblo; comfortable benches along the sea to sit and relax...

Nice restaurants for dining:  Italian Pizza, French sidewalk cafe, Chinese/International foods; ice cream parlors nearby; towers to climb for picture taking.



Visit  Samana's Tropical Flea Market in on the Malecon when cruise ships are in town and meet  the many brothers and sisters who have booths there, selling paintings, jewelry, clothing and all kinds of  island souvenirs!



Ask for Agustina, Angela and Susanna. Items purchased from these brothers & sisters may be paid for by credit card payment (online) .  See:





4.  CAYACOA BEACH:  15 minute walk or 5-minute "concho" ride, from Tropical Island Bed & Breakfast.  Drinks served on beach (by local vendors from the hotel). This is the beach of a 5-star resort, however, it is open to public.  Beach chairs are reserved for hotel guests only.


5.    Picturesque ANADEL BEACH / Cayeno Beach Club: 15 minute "concho" ride from town

Anadel  has a nice beach club with great chaise lounges, music area, really clean beach, spotless bathrooms & changing rooms with showers, souvenir shop, watersports rental.

Cayena Beach Club's restaurant  is huge & beautiful & nice place to sit & read, play cards, etc., should there be showers during the day. It has an a la carte menu--excellent Samaná style fish, & delicious  "dulce de coco" or coconut dessert! Several times a week at noon, they have an all you can eat buffet for approximately $10 US.

RINCON BEACH (Playa Rincon):

A "concho" or "gua-gua" can be boarded to go the end of the Peninsula, Las Galeras. There a boat can be boarded for Rincon Beach.  Upon request, arrangements can be made in advance with brothers doing tours. (For tour directly from B&B via eithe land transportation or by boat - see

Rincon Beach, one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world, is located on the other side of the Samana' Peninsula & is breathtakingly beautiful being framed by picturesque mountains with sky to sky coconut trees.  Snorkeling & swimming.  Freshly caught fish by native fisherman, cooked on beach with Dominican cuisine. 

Rincon's beach with calm waters, no waves shown in the photo below.  Bearing to the right just over the little hill shown in the first photo below is a long beach along the coast, with huge waves to ride, shown in next photos below.



The road to Rincon is unpaved, very rocky & muddy & after rainy periods it is nearly impossible to go by car as the road is so bad. The best as well as fastest way is by boat from the end of the Peninsula.  However, going by vehicle, when this is possible,  you can see the little Dominican "ranchitos" (Dominican houses), and how the "campesinos" (peasants/poor people) live; cooking on charcoal outside in open palmetto thatched kitchens, grinding coffee beans by hand or squeezing oil from coconuts, carrying water jugs on their heads, or washing clothes in the rivers enjoying the real culture of the people!


This is one of the most beautiful picturesque beaches in the world, with mountains as a backdrop.


Rincon Beach can be reached via vehicle with a scenic tour of the interior of the Peninsula on the way. Or if road is untravelable due ot a previous period of bad weather, tour can be arranged by BOAT from the Las Galeras tip of the Peninsula.



Beautiful panoramic view of the entire Peninsula while crossing over the Samana Sierras to the little village of Las Terrenas, located on the northern coast, where there are many beautiful beaches.



Preaching early mornings


Preaching all day in isolated territory in the country (Las Galeras Congregation Territory) with Samana' Congregation Wednesdays & Fridays or Saturday



Preaching on the highest mountains of Samana--the Samana Sierras       

 (Loma Atravezada)


Hiking to Laguna Salada  

to preach in isolated territory  


Preaching in the countryside



El Limon is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, which you can enjoy by horseback with a guided tour through the beautiful tropical countryside.


The trail to El Limon waterfall, from La Manzana, is about 2 kilometers long, and once you arrive there and dismount your horse, you will then enjoy a 300 meter hike down to the Salto Del Limon for swimming.  Upon return, a delicious buffet of local cuisine is served in a palm roofed tropical cabana.    See:



Swimming at Las Galeras, end of Samana Peninsula.  Beautiful beach with backdrop of mountains.  Freshly caught fish cooked on the beach.


11.  BACARDI ISLAND (Cayo Levantado):


This is the famous Bacardi Island where the Bacardi Rum TV commercial is said to have been made.  It is a breathtakingly beautiful island of about one square mile.  Tropical Island Bed & Breakfast is just a few blocks from the waterfront where you can catch the boat for a gorgeous 20-minute boat ride to the island where, along the way, you see the entire peninsula from afar, but in the sea.  It is a beauty you won't soon forget!

The sand on Bacardi Island is as white and fine as flour.  The water is clear and blue, purple, green, and aqua; coconut trees line the beaches for those who would prefer the shade.  The island has several very quiet and secluded beaches.  Beautiful resort on the island where luncheon buffet is served.  OR freshly caught fish by native fishermen, cooked on the beach with rice and beans.  Tropical drinks, piña coladas with fresh pineapple.

Places to snorkel.  Some months:  water skiing, surfing, and various other sports are available.  Transportation to where boat leaves for the Island, round trip boat to the island, & hot meal of Dominican cuisine served on beach.


(January 20 - March 15 only)

Thousands of humpback whales from the North Atlantic migrate to the waters of the Dominican Republic each winter to mate and give birth.  Their most popular winter rendezvous is Silver Bank, the 3000-square-kilometer reef system approximately 70 miles northeast of Puerto Plata.  From there, many circulate to other popular areas like humans do at singles bars!  One of these gathering places is Samana Bay.  More than 1500 humpbacks visit the bay, with as many as 300 present at any given time during the mating season.

The World Wildlife Fund considers Samana Bay one of the best places in the world to watch whales.  It offers something for everyone - the outer bay is where you might find aggressive males competing for the favors of willing females, and the sheltered inner bay is one of the most important humpback nurseries in the world.




Whale Watch excursions leave early in the morning, go to Barcardi Island at noon for buffet luncheon.  Swimming until three or four o'clock in the afternoon. 


13.  HORSEBACK RIDING AT RANCHO TIPICO, El Valle, Samana - All Day Tour:






The Rancho Tipico is owned and operated by Domingo Balbuena.  Picturesque trail ride through the woods along rivers to El Valle beach for swimming and buffet luncheon.  After lunch travel to the waterfall "Lulu"


Full day:

Rancho Tipico is the most relaxing and ecological way to experience the Dominican countryside.  Your trip brings you across the peninsula to where you mount the horses.  From there you travel on horseback to Arroyo Seco (about a 40-minute ride) where you take a short break to enjoy a presentation of the fruits and veggies that are most common to the area.  You will hae a chance to taste these treats before setting out on the horses again.  As you trafvel to the beach you will cross over streams and wooded areas, see if you can spot the fruit trees you just learned about on the trail!  You arrive at the beach El Valle in about an hour.


After a ride along the beach you dismount (you are done with the horses at this point) to enjoy a Dominican style buffet lunch right on the beach; refreshments included (Piña coladas and Coco Locos are available for purchase).  After lunch and a time to enjoy the beach, you load up the safari truck and head to the Waterfall "Lulu."  You walk for 5-10 minutes to get to the falls where you can swim in its natural sand-bottom pool.  From the falls you head back to town.


Half day

Same as above only the tour stops once you finish with the horses at the beach.  Water and soda are included but no lunch is included.




Excursions to Haitises National Park include a trip to Barcardi Island afterwards for swimming and a buffet luncheon.   
Leave early morning; return late afternoon. 

About Los Haitises National Park

Los Haitises National Park, located southeast of the Great Bay of the Peninsula of Samana, is 208 square kilometers of hillocks, divided by narrow gullies, which create the impression of numerous tiny islands or keys forming a landscape  full of bays & marshy country with mangroves, hills & islands on the border between land and sea.


Haitises' Fauna:

The richness of the National Park Los Haitises’ fauna is reflected among the mammals including the manatee (Trichechus manatus) found in the large areas of  mangrove swamps.  These mangroves are populated by protected native species of flora and fauna, such as Hutias (giant rats), turtles, wild pigs.  Bats, tortoises, and the shy Manatee reside in the caves and mangrove systems.


The park is also home to the solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus) a small insectivore mammal (above) endemic from the island in the forest.  Due to its remoteness, rugged topography and seasonally heavy rainfall the park is accessible only by boat.


Los Haitises park provides a home refuge and nesting sites for 112 species of birds including  Brown Pelican, Magnificent Frigate Bird, Roseate Tern, Ridgeway's Hawk (this is one of the last known nesting places in the world of this species), Narrow-billed Tody, Least Grebe, Night Heron, , Great White Egret, parrots & turtledoves.


Many unusal and colourful small reptiles & amphibians make their home in Los Haitisis as well.

Los Haitises; Flora: 

Los Haitises is also a virtual botanical garden. Its varied flora and fauna in its forests & mangrove swamps, includes more than 760 identified species of plants, 17 species of which are endemic to this one small area. The Haitises’ vegetation includes a latifolias humid tropical forest transforming into a semideciduous tropical forest in the keys and mogotes by the coast.


Haitises' Caves & Caverns:

The Dominican Republic has the most extensive cave system in the Caribbean many of which contain over 1000 year old artwork. Los Haitises' extensive cave-system with pictographs and petroglyphs is said to have been created by the indigenous people of the island--the Tainos. The Taino Indians dwelt in these limestone caves and left many cave drawings and carvings  on the walls, which can be easily seen when touring Los Haitises. 


Fossils & pre-Columbian remains have also been found in the caverns there.  Inside these caverns are magnificient formations of stalactite and stalamites of stunning colours along with prehistoric art made from carvings & drawings.  Underground streams that run throughout the caverns can also be seen.

15.  LA FUENTE - Very pretty natural fresh water pool for diving and swimming, owned and operated by brothers from nearby congregation (Sanchez).  20-minute bus ride from TIBB, Samana (fare approximately $2 U.S.)


Clean, cool refreshing waters come from under the mountains to form a natural fresh water pool for swimming and diving.  Around this natural pool, nestled below the mountains, a witness family has built a three-level terrace with tables, chairs, and umbrellas, along with a little restaurant where one can sit, relax, and enjoy a seafood dinner of lobster, shrimp, conch, crab, and red snapper or "platos tipicos" or "comida criolla" (Dominican cuisine), or just a good sirloin steak. 

Excellent place to go if you need a day out of the sun.  Cool, shade, nice place to relax, swim, and read for the day.

You can swim, dive, relax, and make cocktails (small liquor store is located by the pool).  Entrance fee into La Fuente is only $1.00 U.S.  Meals are optional, with average prices between $7 and $20 U.S.



         North Shore Peninsula of Samana

        Alexis - (829) 587-3962 

         Highly recommended by TIBB guests who enjoyed a day kite boarding at Alexis.  Guests must make own arrangements by phone.  Buses from Samana to Las Terrenas all throughout the day




17SCUBA DIVING:  LAS GALERAS DIVERS S.R.L., Scuba School & Diving Center

        Office:  (809) 538-0220; Cell:  (809) 715-4111


         See for details

        Guests must make own arrangements for these activities by phone or Internet or upon arrival.



18.  STELLA DIVING - Stellina Diving offers - Dive Courses, PADI-Dive Courses


        Phone:  +1 829-887-5503 / E-mail: 
         See: for details

        Guests must make own arrangements for these activities by phone or Internet or upon arrival.


 Phone:  +1 829-887-5503 / E-Mail:
        For non-divers, Stella Diving also offers high sea fishing excursions.


        See: for details.
Guests must make own arrangements for these activities by phone or Internet or upon arrival.




5 in 1 Tour: Zip Line, Safari, Waterfalls, Culture & Beach

The safest Zip Line in Samana and the entire Caribbean!


Buffet lunch on the beach and all your drinks (even Beer and rum) are included in the Zip Line Excursion



21HIKING TO CABO CARBON - Day trip with brothers (if it is possible to arrange at the time).  Experienced hikers only.

Full day hiking trip up Cabo Cabron and then down to the sea for swimming / return same day.







Leave Samana on 8 a.m. bus  for trip to the Dominican Bethel in Santo Domingo. Beautiful views of the interior of the country, mountains, rice fields. Arrive approximately noon.  Tour 1:00 PM.  Return to Samana on 4 pm bus. 

Total cost approximately $50 U.S. Includes:  round trip bus fare on Caribe Tours plus taxi to/from bus station to Bethel.



23.  Dining out at nice restaurants, buffets, and unique fun places to eat!






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