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Bacardi Island
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El Limon Waterfall
Haitises National Park

Beautiful Rincon Beach
Whale Excursions: Jan-March







  1. PLAYA RINCON - Full-Day Tour: 


This is one of the most beautiful picturesque beaches in the world, with mountains as a backdrop.  On the way, one enjoys seeing the culture of the people, their houses, how they live and work.  This tour includes freshly caught fish on the beach with drink.  Minimum:  2 persons.  2-4 persons:  $70 US per person  Tour Guide for 1-4:  Chuck James



    Scenic ride along the coast to the end of the Peninsula to Las Galeras.  Full-Day swimming. snorkeling (gear not provided).


    Typical Dominican meal of beans and rice, chicken or fish served on the beach included.   $55 US per person.  Minimum:  2 persons.  Tour Guide for 1-4:  Chuck James



    Beautiful ride on horseback through the woods with guide to waterfall; swim - return to beginning of trail to wonderful buffet (typical Dominican Meal).  2-4 persons $65.  Tour Guide for 1-4:  chuck James


    The landscape surrounding the falls is picturesque.  Small houses are painted in vivid colors and made from locally available materials such as palm wood and thatch.  Home gardens and vegetable plots border plantations of bananas, cacao, and coconut.  Flora and fauna, agriculture can be seen along the trails.


  3. HORSEBACK RIDING AT RANCHO TIPICO, El Valle, Samana - All Day Tour. 
    For information, please call:  Eliseo Dishmey - (829) 921-0454





    The Rancho Tipico is owned and operated by Domingo Balbuena. Picturesque trail ride through the woods along rivers to waterfall for swimming and on to El Valle beach for swimming and buffet luncheon.

    Minimum:  4 persons.
    Tour Coordinator Eliseo Dishman.  Telephone (829) 921-0454 (English and Spanish)



  4. TROPICAL ISLAND WHALE WATCH - January 18 through March 15 only




    Whale-watching excursions include not only whale watching, but a trip to Barcardi Island afterwards for swimming and a buffet luncheon.  Leave early morning; return late afternoon.   

    Tour coordinator:  Eliseo Dishmey - Telephone:  (829) 921-0454 (English and Spanish)
    Thousands of humpback whales from the North Atlantic migrate to the waters of the Dominican Republic each winter to mate and give birth.  One of their most popular winter rendezvous places is Samana Bay.  More than 1500 humpbacks visit the bay, with as many as 300 present at any given time during the mating season. The World Wildlife Fund considers Samana Bay one of the best places in the world to watch whales.  Please visit



    Excursions to Haitises National Park include a trip to Barcardi Island afterwards for swimming and a buffet luncheon.   
    Leave early morning; return late afternoon.  5 to 10 persons:  $70 US per person;  11-25 persons:  $60 US per person.  Buffet Luncheon included

    About Los Haitises National Park

    Los Haitises National Park, located southeast of the Great Bay of the Peninsula of Samana, is 208 square kilometers of hillocks, divided by narrow gullies, which create the impression of numerous tiny islands or keys forming a landscape  full of bays & marshy country with mangroves, hills & islands on the border between land and sea


    Haitises' Fauna:

    The richness of the National Park Los Haitises’ fauna is reflected among the mammals including the manatee (Trichechus manatus) found in the large areas of  mangrove swamps.  These mangroves are populated by protected native species of flora and fauna, such as Hutias (giant rats), turtles, wild pigs.  Bats, tortoises, and the shy Manatee reside in the caves and mangrove systems


    The park is also home to the solenodon (Solenodon paradoxus) a small insectivore mammal (above) endemic from the island in the forest.  Due to its remoteness, rugged topography and seasonally heavy rainfall the park is accessible only by boat


    Los Haitises park provides a home refuge and nesting sites for 112 species of birds including  Brown Pelican, Magnificent Frigate Bird, Roseate Tern, Ridgeway's Hawk (this is one of the last known nesting places in the world of this species), Narrow-billed Tody, Least Grebe, Night Heron, , Great White Egret, parrots & turtledoves.


    Many unusal and colourful small reptiles & amphibians make their home in Los Haitisis as well.

    Los Haitises; Flora: 

    Los Haitises is also a virtual botanical garden. Its varied flora and fauna in its forests & mangrove swamps, includes more than 760 identified species of plants, 17 species of which are endemic to this one small area. The Haitises’ vegetation includes a latifolias humid tropical forest transforming into a semideciduous tropical forest in the keys and mogotes by the coast.


    Haitises' Caves & Caverns:

    The Dominican Republic has the most extensive cave system in the Caribbean many of which contain over 1000 year old artwork. Los Haitises' extensive cave-system with pictographs and petroglyphs is said to have been created by the indigenous people of the island--the Tainos. The Taino Indians dwelt in these limestone caves and left many cave drawings and carvings  on the walls, which can be easily seen when touring Los Haitises. 


    Fossils & pre-Columbian remains have also been found in the caverns there.  Inside these caverns are magnificient formations of stalactite and stalamites of stunning colours along with prehistoric art made from carvings & drawings.  Underground streams that run throughout the caverns can also be seen.

    Tour coordinator:  Eliseo Dishmey.  Telephone:  (829) 921-0454


  6. TROPICAL ISLAND FLEA MARKET (only on cruise ship days)

    Visitors to Samana have a wonderful time shopping and bartering at Samana's quaint little Tropical Island Flea Market ( ).

    This festive event is located along the Malecon of Great Bay of Samana. 







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