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Samana, Dominican Republic Island of Hispaņola

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It is safe to stroll along the "Malecon" (promenade by the Sea) where there are comfortable benches & tiny gazebos for relaxing.



Nice restaurants for dining are located along the "Malecon,"  Also, Italian pizza, French sidewalk cafe, Chinese restaurant and ice cream parlors are within walking distance.



Samana's Tropical Flea Market is located along the sea on the main road of the town, known as the Malecon". Here  many of our local brothers & sisters, needgreaters & pioneers can be seen selling beautiful paintings, jewelry, clothing & all kinds of beautiful & unique island souvenirs whenever cruise ships are docked in Samana.



Unique to Samana' is "Pueblo Prίncipe Plaza" or shopping mall in the form of pastel colored little houses located along the malecon on the opposite side of the Flea Market.







Beautiful PLAYA LA PUENTE :  15 minute walk or 5-minute "concho" ride, from Tropical Island Bed & Breakfast 









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A happy place with happy people!
Piņa Coladas on the Beach

Bacardi Island

A happy place with happy people!
Beautiful Beaches

Rincon Beach

Grilled Fish on the Beach

Scuba Diving

Under the Sea


Whale Watching with Eliseo


Motor Biking

Fun Times!

Horseback Riding - Rancho Tipico

El Limon Waterfall



Preaching in the Country

Preaching on the highest mountains of Samana Sierras (Loma Atravezada)

Hiking to Laguna Salada



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Transportation in Samana:   Little covered wagons pulled by motorcycles called "conchos" are the unique mode of transportation here in Samana.  Personal chauffeuring services are offered by brothers at reasonable rates; Jeep and motorcycle rentals are also available in Samana. 


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